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Deryn Election Data Tools

At Deryn we know that Data can tell a powerful story, to show the way things are, have been and potentially the way they will be.

With a little over 2 weeks to go until election day, we’re eager to share information about previous elections, previous manifesto pledges, whilst also exploring the possible outcome of May’s election.

Whilst we’re not able to host a gin fuelled election party this year for obvious reasons, we can help to build that election fever with our host of digital resources!



Deryn Dashboard

On the Deryn Dashboard you can see our showcase of electoral graphs, from voting patterns and poll predictions to the gender make-up of the Senedd over the years. In our opinion, it’s the best resource for election related data in Wales.

The Deryn Dashboard is at

Deryn Seat Projector

The Deryn Seat Projector  allows you to make your own predictions for the constituency and regional votes and compare them against the previous election.

You can use polling results to immediately project election outcomes and can look at how a small change in the polls at a national level could affect the seat-by-seat results. But you can also play fantasy politics by entering the polling results your party want or need to reach in order to project a change in certain seats.

We’re also hoping that this tool helps people to understand the complicated D’Hondt ethod of seat allocation in the election.

The Deryn Seat Projector is at

Launched in 2016, our exclusive microsite includes every manifesto that’s been produced by the main political parties since 2001. An archive for political manifestos in Wales, the site gives an interesting insight into the parties’ pledges on different issues over the years. 

We are in the process of updating this site, so keep your eye out for the launch of our newly updated version soon.

In the meantime, you can visit Maniffesto at



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