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Deryn Election Service

With the Senedd Election on the horizon - the most recent opinion polls suggest again that no party will win an overall majority. We are likely to see, therefore, complicated negotiations after the election to form a government, a formal coalition or more informal arrangements put in place.

Our clients receive the most innovative digital-first monitoring and intelligence service in Wales, but if you just need focused intelligence on the Senedd Election, we’ve put together a special one-off service for you.

With updates on the political news, policy overviews and analysis - we’ll keep you up to date with over the coming months for just £300+VAT.


• Election Guide: our guide will provide you with all you need to know ahead of the election including the current polling situation across Wales and key seats to watch.

• Candidate Lists: we’ll ensure that you will receive contact lists in the run up to the election, including background information on the likely new MSs.

• Election News: you’ll receive all the relevant developments and news regarding the Senedd election straight into your inbox.

• Infographics & Data: we’ll be sharing interactive graphs and maps to help make sense of the polling and highlight key changes.

• Policies: as the parties publish their policy platforms, we will provide an overview of the pledges during the course of the election.

• Results & Analysis: we’ll be providing a full round up of results and analysis the day after the election - including graphs, data and seat maps for each seat across Wales.

• Post-Election Activity: we’ll keep you up to date with developments and provide information on the new government when it is formed, and provide new contact details for MSs.


For more information or to sign up to our election service, get in touch with 

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