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Senedd Election 2021

The next elections to the Senedd will be in May 2021 and the current political make-up of the Welsh Government is very likely to change. The latest polls suggest that again, no party will win a majority, and we are likley to see multiple parties playing a role in government.

The latest polling projects the following seats:

  • Labour 25
  • Conservatives 19
  • Plaid Cymru 15
  • Lib Dems 1

Whilst Labour are currently predicted to win the largest number of seats they will need the support of another party, either formally or informally, to deliver a stable government. There will also be the opportunity for other parties to work together to provide an alternative government.

Over the last 21 years of devolution in Wales we have seen a number of different agreements reached including formal coalitions, confidence and supply arrangments and one-off budget deals.

Plaid Cymru will likely play a signficant role in post-election decision-making and could form a coalition with Labour or reach an alternative agreement with the Conservatives, who are keen to play a role in government in Wales for the first time since devolution was established.

As manifestos are finalised and campaigning ramps up over the coming months, we can help you navigate Welsh government and politics, ensuring that you are fully engaged with the election process. We can help to:

  • explain how polling suggests a minority or multi-party government.
  • describe the potential impact in your policy arena.
  • help shape your engagement across the parties.

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