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As the General Election campaigns get into full swing, all of the main parties have now published their manifestos - outlining their pledges ahead of the vote on the 12th December.

The Green Party were the first to launch their manifesto on the 19th November - "If Not Now, When?" - with plans for a "Green New Deal" at the heart of their campaign. Other pledges include a tax increase for the highest earners, plant 700 million trees by 2030, a 2nd referendum and to campaign to remain in the EU. 

Jo Swinson launched the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto in London last Wednesday, focusing on their main promise of stopping Brexit. The 96 page document titled “Stop Brexit” includes plans to invest £130bn in infrastructure to upgrade transport and energy systems, insulating all of Britain’s homes by 2030 and planting 60 million trees a year. As part of the party’s plans to increase funding for schools, Wales would receive an extra £560m for the Welsh Government to spend on education. They would also seek to devolve powers over criminal justice to Wales, as well as devolving air passenger duty.

Jeremy Corbyn revealed full details of the Labour manifesto on Thursday in Birmingham. The document titled “It’s time for real Change” outlines key pledges including increasing spending on the NHS, holding a referendum on a new Brexit deal or Remain within 6 months, raising the minimum wage to a “Living Wage” of £10 an hour and a full programme of rail electrification. Pledges relevant to Wales include a commitment to building Swansea Bay's Tidal Lagoon, and plans to hold a constitutional convention to reform the UK’s constitution using the Welsh Government’s 20 point plan.

Plaid Cymru’s Leader Adam Price launched his party’s manifesto on Friday in Nantgarw, with a clear focus on their main pledge of creating tens of thousands of jobs as part of a “Green Jobs Revolution”. The document, “Wales, it’s Us” outlines the party’s plans to hold a 2nd Referendum and campaign to remain in the EU, electrify Wales’ main rail lines by 2030, provide an extra £300m for Welsh schools and colleges, and to build 20,000 green social homes. The manifesto launch was also used to renew the party’s call for Welsh independence.

Nigel Farage unveiled the Brexit Party’s pledges in London on Friday, entitled “Contract with the People” - promising to secure a “No Deal Brexit”, and recover £7bn from the European Investment Bank. The party would seek to abolish the House of Lords and introduce a democratically elected second chamber. The Brexit Party leader also pledged to cap permanent immigration at 50,000 a year and scrapping the HS2 project.

Boris Johnson was the last to publish his manifesto, following a drip feed of policies over the last few weeks - all part of the party’s strategy to maximise media coverage. The 59 page manifesto, “Get Brexit Done” focuses on delivering Brexit, introducing an Australian-style points-based system to manage immigration and a £33.9 billion boost to the NHS by 2023-24. They are also pledging not to raise rates of income tax, national insurance or VAT over the next 5 years.

The Conservatives have today also launched their Welsh manifesto, which includes a pledge to improve cross-border infrastructure through the “Marches Growth Deal”. Other promises include delivering a new M4 relief road, recruiting 20,000 more police officers across Wales and England and plans to open a West Wales Parkway station.

The Labour party also published its Welsh manifesto in Wrexham today, pledging an increase of £3.4billion in Wales’ budget. The manifesto, “Standing up for Wales” outlines plans to use the additional funding from the UK Treasury to scrap tuition fees, increase funding for local bus services, extend free social care and provide additional funds to small and medium sized businesses through the Development Bank of Wales.

You’ll find a link to all of the manifestos below - all home on our dedicated site If you’d like to compare and contrast manifestos, take a look at which includes nearly every manifesto that’s been produced by the main political parties since the first National Assembly for Wales elections in 1999. Our special microsite gives an interesting insight into the parties’ pledges on different issues over the years, tracking how policies have changed over time in Wales.

Keep up to date with all the political developments during the General Election campaign using our wide range of digital resources. If you’d like to receive a full list of the candidates in Wales, please get in touch with for more information about our special election service.

Plaid Cymru's GE Manifesto 2019 

Liberal Democrats' GE Manifesto 2019 

The Conservative Party's GE Manifesto 2019 

Labour Party's GE Manifesto 2019 

Welsh Labour's GE Manifesto 2019 

The Green Party's GE Manifesto 2019

Brexit Party's GE Manifesto 2019 

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