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Welsh Government Draft Budget 2019-20

The Welsh Government today unveiled its draft budget for 2019-20. The budget resulted in overall spending increases, but some areas fared better than others. Proportionally, the Economy and Transport portfolio was the biggest winner with a year-on-year increase in funding of over 12%. This contrasts with the Central Services and Administration and Local Government and Public Services portfolios, which had a year-on-year funding cuts of 3.4% and 1.8% respectively.

The Welsh Government announced a raft of spending iniatiatives as part of the budget. The headline announcement was the £500m extra for health and social care, with £192m of that earmarked for the implementation of the Welsh Government's long-term plan for health and social care, A Healthier Wales.

Education also fared well, with a £15m increase in revenue for this portfolio.

Transport was a key theme of the Welsh Government's capital funding announcements. £60m of funding was announced for Local Authorities to refurbish roads, £78m (over three years) was announced for the Local Transport Fund, and nearly £43m (over two years) was granted to the Taff's Well train depot.

Full List of Spending Announcements

  • More than £500m extra on health and social care.
  • £15m extra for education.
  • A package of £12.5m to tackle child poverty.
  • £60m for a local authority road refurbishment scheme to repair the damage caused by a series of hard winters and this summer’s heatwave. The funding will be spread over three years (£20m in each of 2018–19, 2019–20 and 2020–21).
  • £78m for the local transport fund, over three years (£26m a year from 2018–19 to 2020–21)
  • Almost £43m over two years to support the development of the Taff’s Well rail depot.
  • £35m investment in the Social Housing Grant.
  • £25m to create seven 'strategic hubs' across the South Wales Valleys.
  • £15m over two years to fund the Collaborative Change programme and waste procurement programme.
  • £7m to establish the Valleys Regional Park.
  • An extra £4.5m to support plans to deliver 19 new integrated health and care centres.

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