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Monitoring and Intelligence Redesigned

Making sure you know what is going on at the Welsh Government, in the Assembly and across the public policy arena in Wales is hugely important to companies and organisations that have a stake in public services. We work with a range of blue chip clients, with a focus on strategic advice and government relations, but we also need to make sure we keep our clients up to date and all our clients receive a holistic service, with intelligence built in.

Deryn is always ahead of the curve in public affairs in Wales, and with a strong focus on digital and data, we’ve decided to revamp, renew and redesign our monitoring and intelligence service.

Over time, the way we receive and take in information has changed, and we need to make sure that the content and design of our monitoring changes too. Digital first is a given, but we’ve made it easier to keep up to date on the go, with more regular digital updates, easier to read and without text-heavy documents or a lengthy compilations.

We’ve revamped the content too – reducing the replication of unnecessary information, and focusing on topics to make it easier to skim, with clear headings and briefer summaries, a light touch in terms of content, and links through to further detail.

Our service is the most innovative in Wales,  and we will continue to improve what we offer clients, with exclusive voice-based analysis for listening on the go. We’re also in the process of developing a new content management system to automate our gathering and distribution, so we can spend more time on impact – on how our clients should make use of the intelligence we provide to make a difference to their business, their campaigns or the people they represent.

We believe the new design and content will provide a better service to clients, tailored to their needs, and will continually change to adapt to new technologies, and to new ways in which we as individuals learn and retain information.

It will also help our clients plan, track and evaluate, with helpful extras such as graphics showing mentions by politicians at the Assembly and on social media.

We’ll continue to drive digital engagement with a new tracker for the Welsh Labour Leadership joining our infographics, digital conference agendas in the Birdhouse, where all our digital tools can be found.

We brought our Assembly monitoring in-house and developed a new data, research and intelligence team,  so we now the largest, full-service public affairs agency in Wales. This ensures we have the capacity we need to provide a comprehensive service and ensures our intelligence service is directly aligned to changing client requirements.

Our in-house team can also provide infographics, policy mapping, video and campaign design to help drive your digital public affairs. 

So if you would like to try out our new service, get in touch with Elin Llyr for a trial period and special introductory rates.

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