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Deryn Team Expands Following Busiest Election Period Ever

Wales’ leading Public Affairs Agency, Deryn Consulting, have created an additional Account Manager role and welcomed Mia Rees to the team.

Mia, a Cardiff Councillor and who recently stood for the Welsh Conservatives in the Senedd Election brings a wealth of campaigning, policy and political experience to the team. Prior to the election Mia was the Senior Advisor to Conservative MS Suzy Davies, she has also worked in policy and public affairs roles at The Wallich homelessness and charity and The Prince’s Trust. 

Deryn provide public affairs support and government relations advice to of clients in the private, public and third sector across the range of policy areas, including education, health, infrastructure, economic development, housing and energy fields. 

Speaking about the appointment, Deryn Director Nerys Evans said:

“We’re delighted to welcome Mia to the team and know that her passion for politics, policy and campaigning will benefit our clients with a specific focus on the health and education sectors. As we approach our 10th birthday, we are proud that we are continuing with our inclusive and cross-party approach to public affairs – and in providing the best advice and support to our clients. 


The last year has been one of significant growth for Deryn, and we have supported over 50 clients this year already. Mia will no doubt hit the ground running given her wealth and breadth of knowledge and experience in the Senedd, Westminster and in campaigning roles in the third sector.


We continue to invest in growth and are seeking further new team members to support our clients and to help diversify our business."

Mia Rees added:

“I am excited to join the team at Deryn and in working with our clients across the public, private and third sector better understand politics, policy, campaigning and influencing.


I am passionate about increasing participation in our democratic process and this role is essentially about helping people understand how politics and government works in Wales. At the start of the sixth Senedd term, with a new Government elected, I’m looking forward to supporting our clients, helping them make an impact and in contributing to the growth and success of Deryn.”

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