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In a much anticipated reshuffle, Carwyn Jones has made some significant changes to his ministerial team. Much anticipated because he had kept the same Cabinet Members in place after the 2016 election, when a raft of new talent joined the Labour backbenchers. It is also the case that Carwyn is likely to stand down in 2019, following 10 years as First Minister, and there was some pressure to make some changes.

He had agreed already with Jane Hutt that this would be her last cabinet role, given that she has served in cabinet since 1999.

Another Cabinet Secretary, Carl Sargeant, also left his role, but for surprising reasons. Apparently there is an investigation underway into matters of personal conduct, and he has been suspended from the party.

Mick Antoniw has lost his position as Counsel General to another former lawyer, Jeremy Miles, who was odds on to be promoted from the new intake.

Promoted from the junior minister roles are Alun Davies and Julie James. Alun is back in the cabinet with a substantial role as Cabinet Secretary for Local Government and Public Services.

Julie James is also rewarded with a role in Cabinet, but as Leader of the House and Chief Whip, her very strong technical policy talents will now be used in a different way.

Hannah Blythyn is also promoted from the 2016 intake into government as a Minister for the Environment. Both Jeremy and Hannah have done very well since becoming AMs, but there are also a few more would could easily make the transition.

One surprising addition is Dafydd Elis-Thomas as Minister for Culture, Tourism and Sport. It has been his intention to find a way into cabinet since becoming an AM, and having left Plaid Cymru and supported the Labour Government as an independent AM, he now has his wish. There will be a few Labour backbenchers, however, that will feel a little aggrieved, as it seems he would have backed the government even if not given a role, and there is some competition for that role.

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