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Deryn is a rapidly growing public affairs consultancy bringing together senior level,cross party experience in campaigning,government relations and politics in Wales.


Campaigning is about building effective coalitions that can harness the expertise and energy of your supporters, based on sound strategy and excellent delivery. That’s what we do.


Rhaid adeiladu clymbleidiau effeithiol i harneisi’r arbenigaeth ac ynni eich cefnogwyr i ymgyrchu’n llwyddiannus – trwy weithredu strategaethau cynhwysfawr i safon uchel. Dyna beth ru’n ni’n ei wneud.

Public Affairs

Need to get your message across in a complex world? We can guide you through the process, train your people and help you make the right decisions to deliver the change you need.

Materion Cyhoeddus

Ydych chi eisiau rhannu eich neges mewn byd cymhleth? Medrwn eich arwain trwy’r broses, hyfforddi eich pobol a’ch helpu chi i wneud y penderfyniadau i gyflawni’r newid sydd angen.


If liberty and equality are chiefly to be found in democracy, they will be best attained when all persons alike share in government to the utmost. Or you can give us a ring to explain how it works.


Os cafwyd hyd i ryddid a chydraddoldeb mewn democratiaeth, fe’i henillwyd pan fydd pob un chwarae ei rhan mewn llywodraeth i’r eithaf. Neu gellir galw ni i esbonio sut mae’n gweithio.


Local Government Election Service

On 4th May all 1264 councillors across 22 unitary authorities in Wales will stand for reelection. We can ensure your organisation understands the political context, and has the tools to engage with the new local representatives and political leadership across Wales.... read more

Spring Party Conferences / Cynadleddau’r Gwanwyn 2017

Ahead of the 2017 Welsh Local Government elections, political parties will be holding their annual spring conferences in March at venues across Wales. Each conference will be an opportunity for stakeholders to engage with not only local candidates on their priorities... read more

Local Government Elections / Etholiadau Llywodraeth Leol

We’re looking forward to the Welsh Local Government Elections in May 2017. Every one of the 1250 councillors across the 22 unitary authorities are standing for election, and we are likely to see significant changes in control of around 10 authorities. Looking... read more